Our vast range of swimming pool finishes complement any pool hall and surround, which are all fixed onto our cast in-situ reinforced structures, or our unique heat retaining Polystyrene structures.


We can create a hydrotherapy pool to suit whatever the required environment. From professional sports rehab, involving vigorous hydrotherapy jets for water massage, through to a more relaxing atmosphere with mood-changing ambiences for a learning difficulties school, our pools provide a safe enjoyable environment that truly makes a difference


Specialising in the design, construction and finishing of large water retaining structures and energy conscious filtration systems, our installation will give any PFI project or Local Authority the required design life and peace of mind for any investor. All our pools are all backed up by the correct design and installation accreditations, ensuring that any record achieved will be official.


World Leisure, Britain’s leading water specialist, also has a wealth of experience within the Stainless Steel Swimming Pool market, with outstanding technical and optical characteristics for constructing all types of installation from private Hotels, large local authority projects and plunge pools for Professional Football Clubs.


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